About us

ASB SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN is a politically and religiously independent organisation. Our work is supported by more than 90,000 members.

We help quickly and directly anybody who needs our support and help. We work within the life-saving services, the first-aid service, emergency response and prevention and first-aid training. In addition, ASB train future paramedic assistants and paramedics and run day nurseries, kindergartens, after-school clubs and home care set-ups. ASB was founded in 1888 and started out with first aid training for the public.


DANISH PEOPLES AID is a nationwide volunteer humanitarian organisation counting 3,500 active members and 50 local offices.

Danis Peoples Aid work within three major areas: Prevention and First Aid, Voluntary Social Work, and Emergency Response and Development activities in other countries.

Within First Aid our main focus is that as many people as possible learn first aid and act when fellow citizens are hit by illness, accidents or cardiac arrest. Dansk Folkehjælp have 500 first aid trainers in Denmark and train 25,000 people on various first aid courses every year. Dansk Folkehjælp is a member of the Danish First Aid Council and the Danish Resuscitation Council.