Signe fell and struck herself

This is how it sounded yesterday, when the Danish People’s Aid was out with the first children’s course in Børnehuset Nørre Aaby, where the children, among other things, learned to call 112 and give the correct information to the alarm center. Children can do far more than adults think, and they are quick to learn. Instructor Michael Johnsen was impressed that the children just had to watch the exercise “Laying in a stable side position” before they could perform it on educators and each other.

However, it is also somewhat different to teach adults, as adults like Michael mention sitting in the same chair, which children of that age certainly do not. There is a lot of life in those sizes, but also great curiosity and desire to play and learn. And it is precisely through play and learning that the Danish People’s Aid teaches children first aid.

Head of the orphanage Mette Buus states that she has seen in a statistic that only one in 10 children has knowledge of first aid. She finds that shocking. Many do not even know what 112 is. The orphanage wants to do something about it, so that the orphanage’s children know that they can also make a difference.

The institution has now been given teaching materials so that they can continue the first aid teaching for all their children.

Danish People’s Aid is looking forward to coming out to the other 79 day care institutions in the project in the near future.

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