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Twelve projects participated in the Interreg caravan at Campustorvet at SDU in Odense. This time the caravan was held at the Interreg Committee meeting. SAVING LIFE was among the participating projects where we talked about our project and demonstrated cardio-pulmonary rescue and use of cardiac restart. Also, committee members got to try how hard it is to actually provide cardiac lung rescue for an extended period of time.

The thematic diversity of the participating Interreg projects aroused curiosity. The projects represented different themes, such as: exciting developments in health technology, nanoparticles and brown algae, life-saving first aid and opportunities in the labor market and education. SDU as host participates in several of these Interreg projects.

Many students, staff and guests at SDU visited the Interreg caravan with great interest and received information about the possibilities in the Danish-German Interreg collaboration. Prosecutor at SDU, Bjarne Graabech Sørensen, welcomed the visit to SDU:
  “SDU takes an active part in the Interreg collaboration and thus contributes to launching many good projects. Therefore, it was absolutely fantastic to be able to welcome the Interreg caravan and show all the students and staff at SDU what opportunities we have through the Danish-German cooperation. ”

The members of the Interreg Committee also visited the caravan and took the opportunity to form a picture of the projects and project work that they themselves have helped to realize through the grant of the Interreg grant funds. There was good dialogue between committee members and projects. And the projects, of course, also took the opportunity to tell and explain more about the results of their project.

Overall, it was a success for both participants and visitors to the Interreg caravan, says Freddy Blak, Danish chairman of the Interreg committee:
  “It was a great opportunity for us as members of the committee to meet so many exciting Interreg projects at once and to hear about their results. We can all be proud of the Danish-German cooperation – it became clear to us here at SDU today. ”