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First Aid across the border - SAVING LIFE

First Aid across the border

German and Danish first aid instructors meet across the border.

Danish People’s Aid and ASB (Arbeiter Samarites Bund) have joined forces on project SAVING LIFE. A project supported by the EU and whose purpose is to increase the number of survivors after cardiac arrest in the Region of Southern Denmark, Region Zealand and Northern Schleswig-Holstein through various activities.

This weekend, the first activity has just been completed in the form of a seminar for Danish and German first aid instructors. The seminar was held at Hotel Falster in Nykøbing Falster with 16 participants from ASB Schleswig-Holstein and 16 participants from the Danish People’s Aid.

At the seminar, first aid instructors were given knowledge of how first aid education was composed in the two countries, in which differences existed, as did the instructional training as well.

Similarly, it was discussed how the attitude of the civilian population is first aid in Denmark and Germany, respectively. Through the exchange of experience in relation to learning methods, the goal was to agree on a common teaching method that will increase the readiness of the students and thereby increase the number of survivors after cardiac arrest. Finally, all participants were introduced to the most commonly used AEDs (cardiac arrestors) used in Denmark and Germany. One of the goals of SAVING LIFE is to make the most available available around the clock and to ensure that guidance is drawn up for the use of already suspended AED’s.

All the instructors participated with great enthusiasm and there were many and good discussions about first aid education and many interesting inputs about differences and coincidences. Socially, cross-border networks were also created, and everyone expressed a wish to repeat the success.

The outcome of the seminar will be the basis for future first aid courses and will also be shared with other first aid organizations.

Saving Life is financed by Interreg Deutschland-Denmark with funds from the European Regional Development Fund.