The following activities will be implemented in SAVING LIFE:

  1. Free first aid courses
  2. Smartphone app for first aiders
  3. An AED campaign

Free First Aid Courses
In total 190 first aid courses will be offered in Germany and Denmark. The courses will have a duration of 7 hours (Denmark) / 9 hours (Germany). It is the hope that all participants on the first aid courses will sign up with SAVING LIFE as first aid volunteers, so we can make Germany and Denmark a safer place to live – together.

Smartphone Application
ASB will purchase and implement an application at the emergency call centres in Kiel, Stormarn and Flensburg. Dansk Folkehjælp has already started implementing the application in the Region of Southern Denmark and Region Zealand covering the Danish area of the geographical scope of the project.

At the very minute the emergency call centre receives an emergency call about a cardiac arrest, the emergency service will find the first aid volunteers closest to the scene via the smartphone app and GPS tracking and request their assistance.

The first three first aiders to accept the call out will be given the address of the scene and road directions. At the same time, they will be given the responsibilities below:

  • One first aider is sent to the scene to provide CPR,
  • One first aider is sent to the nearest accessible AED,
  • One first aider is sent to the scene to help next-of-kin, show directions and/or assist with the CPR.

The first aid volunteers and the app makes it possible to reduce the response time from receiving the emergency call to providing life-saving first aid.

In the long term, the intention is to connect the first aid volunteers to the apps in both countries.

The AED Campaign
The project encourages the public to register AEDs online, so the AEDs are accessible for the public and so the emergency service can locate them and give directions to the first aiders. In Denmark, the AED is to be registered on and in Germany on In Schleswig-Holstein, 750 verified AEDs are already registered in the app.

In Denmark, an AED campaign is planned with the aim of encouraging all companies, public authorities, associations and individuals to invest in an AED to be mounted in a place accessible 24/7.

If an AED is already available, the request is to make the AED accessible 24/7.